Officials Registration Roo Systems Australia Manumbar Rally

  • Officials Registration, Sign On - Disclaimer - 7 August 2021

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  • This information remains confidential and will be destroyed post event.
    The information contained in the document will be compiled by the Brisbane Sporting Car Club Ltd into a database. No information will be distributed to any third party. By completing this form I give my consent to this information being stored and used by Brisbane Sporting Car Club Ltd.
    I agree to Terms and Conditions of the Motorsport Australia Disclaimer , COVID-19 Declaration and the Risk Warning and Assumption of Risk Declaration: I accept the conditions of, and acknowledge the risks arising from, attending or participating in Motorsport Activities being provided by Motorsport Australia and the Entities. I agree to be bound by the rules, regulations and policies of Motorsport Australia at all times as a condition of continuing to hold a licence. The information I have entered into this form is true and correct and I will advise Motorsport Australia immediately if any of the information I have given is no longer true and correct. I have read, understood, acknowledge and agree to the above including the exclusion of statutory guarantees, warning, assumption of risk, release and indemnity. Full Disclaimer is on
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    The Officials on the Day Licence is a requirement if you do not have a Motorsport Australia Officials Licence
  • Thank you for Registering to Officiate at Roo Systems Australia Manumbar Rally

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    Roo Systems Australia Manumbar Rally

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