CANCELLED due to weather conditions - Future Auto Rally Test N Tune - Jimna

Saturday, 22 Feb 2020 07:00 – 22:00

ATTENTION ALL ENTRANTS and OFFICIALS …………………………. IMPORTANT INFORMATION  RE Future Auto Rally Test and Tune Event scheduled for 22nd Feb  2020

Advice issued by Clerk of Course 13/02/2020 17:00 hrs

You would be aware of the heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding which has impacted many areas including the Jimna State Forrest environ.

As of this date the area remains closed under direction notice from HQ Plantations for review on the 19/02/2020

Unfortunately due to the large amount of rainfall and the inability to get into the area and complete due process and fulfil our obligations under the National Rally Code  a Force Majeure  is called for and the proposed event known as the Future Auto Rally Test and Tune is hereby cancelled.

All entry fees will be refunded or held towards the next event competitors may wish to enter.

A personal message from John Keen. COC.

Pretty amazing that just over 6 weeks ago we had fires raging through this area that like many other areas desperately needed rain.

I hope that you, like me can find celebration in the rain and not disappointment that its arrival has stopped our rally.

Thank you all Officials and Competitors alike for your support and of course our loyal sponsor FUTURE AUTO Sumner park and Wynnum

There are many reasons why we have made this decision and I will outline a few key ones here for you.

  1. With the ground saturated and the high likelihood of thunderstorm activity in the week leading up to the event the risk of doing serious damage to the oval had to be considered.
  2. Safety of all is dependent on good access for a Road going ambulance and also for the ability of the officials to go into and out of their positions without coming to grief, neither of these can be assured on muddy roads with washouts.   
  3. HQ Plantations have carried out extensive clearing and upgrading of roads within the forest which if not dried out sufficiently would suffer badly from a field of Rally Cars completing multiple passes. This would not be a favourable outcome for us.
  4. Creek Crossing and Causeways may not be able to be repaired in time to actually allow passage of the field.
  5. Our EVENT CHECKER has not been able to sign off on the event due to restricted access.


For me the really BIG ONE is the Oval as mentioned above…………. Any of you that were there for the wet event a few years ago will know why I am still apologising for the state the oval was in by the time we got all the vehicles and trailers out !

Of course the outcome is regrettable for all of us and especially when the work that Marg MacKay, Kelli Anson and Craig Porter have put in goes unrewarded by not seeing you all out there enjoying our sport in wonderful Jimna.

My focus now turns to Mundubbra and other events that are in the pot for 2021.

See you in a Dusty ?? forest sometime soon