Wednesday, 09 May 2018 17:00 – 22:00

The Next club night that BSCC is organising is an Officials Training & Information night 7.00 pm


The idea of this is to cover all areas that Officials of an event are involved in - From Event Organiser to a Road Closure.

All these positions are important for an event to happen 

Clerk of Course - to organise the route of the event.

Deputy C of C - to assist the C of C

Secretary - this duty for an event is really the most important - The Secretary in reality is the organiser of the event - keeping everything and everyone on track until the actual event happens -

eg. Permits applying and chasing up on these, Sup Regs, Entry Form, Entries & Payments, Entry List, Scrutiny Venue Schedule, Notification to Hospitals, Fires, QAS,  Organising Officials, Stage Paperwork etc etc.

Chief Scrutineer and his team - organise scurtiny venue with C of C and then Keep Competitors on their toes re their vehicles

Scoring Team - Once the event commences this becomes the most important component of the event to Competitors - Scores on Tap 

Behind the scene Officials: before the event - printing & binding of Road Books & printing all relevant paperwork - Itinerary, Entry List, Maps, Running Schedule, etc etc, Preparing Stage Team Satchels ( Time, Start, Flying Finish and Stop Control), SOS and Road Closure Satchels, Course Cars and Senior Officials Satchels.