Saturday, 22 Sep 2018 09:00 – 21:30

SR Automotive Manumbar Rally 2018 will start from Kassulke Oval - Nanango.

Simon & Margot have put together a great event - roads are great - flowing and challenging.

The event will consist of 2 Stages east of Nanango then back into the Nanango for a Service and Refuel - these stages are brilliant

Then repeat the 2 stages and another stage taking the event to Manumbar Campdraft Grounds for a Service-Regroup

From Manumbar 2 more stages - again brilliant stages back to Manumbar for a Service-Regroup

and then repeat the last 2 stages to finish the event before dark.

The BIG issue is the event will require a big number of Road Closures and SOS and 5 Stage Team personal.

The Main reason for a big number of Road Closures is that HQPlantations have been in certain areas logging and have created more roads linking to other accessible roads.  

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Camping is available at Manumbar Campdraft Grounds - with Toilets and Showers.

Catering will be available at Manumbar Campdraft Grounds - Friday evening, Saturday Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Meal and Breakfast on Sunday.