BSCC is a not for profit organisation and our club thrives on the generosity and expertise of our volunteer officials. If you are interested in motorsport and want to get up close and personal with cars in a fun and safe environment, there is no better way than to volunteer to assist at BSCC events. You will meet a great bunch of people who are enthusiastic about what they do.

Many of our officials are widely recognised as some of the best in the business and work all the way up World Rally Championship events. But they all started out at club level and usually that is where the most fun can be had while learning all the time. Many competitors in the sport also started out as officials to learn the ropes and get to know how things work before stepping into a car.

If you want to give it a go the Club can provide a trainee licence at the event making it very simple to get involved.

Many officials enjoy the events so much they want to step up to more senior roles and this can be done as a progression through a combination of working in these roles with a mentor from the club plus completing training on offer from our governing body Motorsport Australia..

BSCC is affiliated with Motorsport Australia and there is a recognised training path for all motorsport officials.

Information can be found by going to the Motorsport Australia website or Get Involved at

As your interest and experience grows there are on-line modules and face to face modules where you will learn more about the details of running successful, safe events. Before too long you can upgrade your free Morotsport Australia Officials Trainee licence to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Officials Licence. The Motorsport Australia licence is recognised all over Australia allowing you the opportunity to work on a variety of motorsport events.


Rally, Off-Road Racing, Touring Road Events and many more!

Rallies are conducted over public and forest roads that are closed to the public. Off-Road events are conducted on private land with the owner’s permission. And Touring Road Events are non-speed based events conducted on public roads.

There are many activities required to ensure the activity is safe and controlled and public access restricted. Each event has a different requirement for officials however some of the jobs we need include:

  • Road Closure Officials – you get to be right next to the course in a safe location, sometimes in radio contact to ensure no one enters without authorisation, but with your own private viewing spot
  • Control Officials – events are timed so we need officials to record time, start cars and communicate results and control the flow of cars
  • Course Car Officials – we have vehicles, usually 4WD’s go ahead and behind the field to ensure the roads are clear and course is correct and all competitors are safe
  • HQ officials – we use a radio network to control events and this is operated by experienced officials who control the rally and ensure everyone’s safety.

BSCC events are conducted in the SE Queensland area. It is a fun, outdoor, family-friendly activity with enthusiastic people.

If you wish to become involved or want to talk more about it, contact BSCC via Facebook, or email or ring 3267 7647 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We’d love to see you in the bush.